Penney Olson


Now this is just a random post nothing too serious but how many mentally ill people do we see as the lead character where yes they are seen as a strong person, but with an underlying current of ‘Isn’t this funny? Laugh at the person who is struggling with something we don’t understand’

I suddenly twigged onto this after watching an Ally McBeal series I got from a charity shop yesterday.

She sees things, talks and dances with hallucinations, struggles with relationships, is promiscuous and generally shows a lot of the signs of severe mental health problems. But these are all the parts of her we should be worrying about in the program…instead they are the ‘funny’ parts of a program that shows an otherwise strong woman. What kind of role model was she for anyone growing up with issues??

Adrian Monk, a detective with severe PTSD, anxiety, OCD etc…

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