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Skyheartphotography One Picture a Day Project

These few days are so hot that probably even my sweat sweats.  There has been high temperature warning everywhere in the Eastern US and Canada.  It was so hot that the plants in my garden are practically burned where there are.

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Armoured Up

Where can I go where Your love can’t find me

Where can I run where You aren’t there waiting for me

How can I hide when You’re drawing me close

Calling me to come higher…leaning in as I whisper my hurts, my fears, my needs to You

Holding me tighter, patting my back, rocking me back and forth

I know, I know….Shhhh…don’t cry, I’m here…It’s gonna be all right…I’m here

My comforter – My healer – My peace in a storm

Never lost for long…always found by You

Before long, I believe that it’s gonna be all right

…and so it is because You said so

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